Revolution 1(5) September 1970

Revolution 1(5) September 1970

Phillip Frazer

This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains material that reflects attitudes of the era in which it was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Brian Wilson cover
Norma M. Whittaker - Country Joe
Tony Covery - Lonnie Mack
On the horizon
Margot Huxley - How I learning to stop worrying and love the Tully
Gerald Frape - T.F. Much: a violence trip
Sean Foley - Bat.... but no balls
Zorba - Greek junta agents active in Australia
Mel Bloom - and the heat goes on : interview with Dimitrios Gotsis
Phillip Frazer - The Beach Boys after their first decade
L.A. Free Press - Exclusive: Mark Lane interviews Huey Newton in jail
Rob Smyth - The Lovin' Spoonful in retrospect
Zapeye cartoon
Ian McCausland - Rock in Australia in the 50s
Albie Thoms - Nothing happening today in the English underground - OZ, Ink, Playpower, IT
Albie Thoms - John Mayall in Amsterdam - Youth city of the world!
Rolling Stone supplement: Elvis Presley by Jerry Hopkins; Chicago - the first interracial riot; Random Notes; Ann Arbour Blues; Bruce Harris and Steve Harris - Hot as Sun - the Beatles album no one will ever hear; Michael Lydon - An evening with the Grateful Dead
John Lewallen - Scorched earth: how to make a war last forever - Vietnam
Damien Broderick - R.D. Laing
Ross Wilson - The return of Macroman - Part 2: The stomach revolution
Films - Zabrinski Point, Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz, Celluloid and the 'Theatre' of Revolution : a radical film festival
Books: Bill Garner - The Vestey Story / Outlaw Blues / Last Exit to Brooklyn
Theatre: Parody of politics - the legend of King O'Malley