Paper Rock

Volume 1, Issue 6 (2011) The Nostalgia Issue

Well, it’s been some kind of journey, but here it is; issue six of Paper, Rock! Looking back we realise some of it could’ve been done differently to make the final trek a little smoother. I’m sure you’re all-too-familiar with the feeling of longing for the past time you let slip away so you could avoid gulping down your 3rd Redbull at one a.m. to meet your deadline tomorrow. It’s somewhat nostalgic, which is the theme for this issue. Issue six takes you through the University of Wollongong’s past 60 years, looks into the effects of BlueScope and where Port Kembla is turning to beyond the steel industry, and gives insight into the horrific cruelty that is, puppy farming. You will find fresh fashion ideas, the best Wollongong dessert locales, prime (yet cheap) holiday spots in our own backyard, an upcoming local major music festival and so much more. We’d like to thank the contributors who continually came through for us in this issue. The people who were always first to put up their hand to help, who picked up the slack when we couldn’t, and got things done without fuss. You know who you are, so thank you! It’s been a steep, somewhat vertical learning curve, but we’ve enjoyed bringing the past and present into a neat package for you to read. We hope you enjoy flicking through the pages, because a lot of us have poured our hearts and souls into them. The editors.