Paper Rock

Volume 1, Issue 5 (2011) The Other Issue

ATTENTION: Paper, Rock readers
SUBJECT: Take a chance We’ve all been there. Your mind begins to race as you recite the proverbial ‘scissors, paper, rock’ before releasing your hand into uncertain terrain. You make a choice. You take a chance. Welcome to Paper, Rock magazine for 2010- where taking a chance is what we’re all about. We’ve coined it the ‘other’ issue because this year’s magazine ventures beyond what you’ve ever seen before in paper rock, it’s ‘other’ to its predecessors. The news and features section promises to excite, engage and provoke you. We’ve introduced ‘News that rocked our world’ as we felt it is important to look back on the news and events that shook our world. The lifestyle section puts a hold on the blasé clichés of food, travel and health. We give you the first glimpses of the meaty craze that has the tongues of Australia’s top food critics wagging in salivating desire. And, take you to the underground of the food world that the big chain stores don’t want you to know about. Before introducing you to the locals of Indonesia and taking you on an ostrich ride in Vietnam. Then test-drive Zumba and detox your diet-life or delve into our health feature, where we profile bipolar disorder.
ALEX: Your news and features editor, Alexandra Fisher, loves to pushed out of her comfort zone. Inspired by the Harry Potter books she discovered her love of writing at age 11. She loves TIME magazine, The Guardian, The World and Foreign Correspondent on ABC- and anything else that provides her weekly dose of world news. Her background has fostered a love of different cultures and a desire to understand and report on issues that bring new insight to Australians. Her ambition is to become a foreign correspondent, and as a veteran journalist she’ll retreat to the hills of Scotland to complete a fantasy novel that’s already in its fifth chapter!
SARAH: Your lifestyle editor, Sarah Hamilton, is a child of the eighties, just. She can’t remember a time she didn’t want to do something to do with writing or journalism. So this isn’t the first time Sarah has put together a magazine. When she was 13-years-old, she wrote an entire publication on a typewriter with newspaper clippings. We hope this issue is a little more advanced than that. She loves ‘to-do lists’ and reverts back to a child at Christmas. When she graduates her dream job would be getting paid to travel, eat and drink, and she eventually wants to be a lifestyle editor. Wait, didn’t she just do this?
KELLIE: Your arts editor, Kellie Hill