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Editor: Richard Neville. Deputy Editor: Paul Lawson. Business Manager: Peter Ledeboer. Design: Jon Goodchild. Photography: Robert Whitaker. Art: Martin Sharp. Staff: Andrew Fisher, Ian Stocks Newman, David Reynolds, Louise.

Content: Martin Sharp Flying Saucer cover, Dylan ‘song poems new stuff “FREEZE-OUT”’ - transcribed lyrics for ‘The Million Dollar Bash’, ‘Tiny Montgomery Says Hello’, ‘I see My Life Come Shining’ (sic) & ‘Crash on the Levee’. Ozmosis. ‘Blow-Up!’ – the Kennedy assassination and the ‘Moorman photo’. ‘The Digger Thing is Your Thing…’ call for a British Digger movement. Che Guevara montage. IT subscription ad. Letter from Michael X. Angelo Quattrochi’s open letter to Fidel Castro. Martin Sharp ‘If I Could Turn You On...’ graphic. 7p Flying Saucer Digest + graphics + Martin Sharp cartoon. Flying Saucer Review ad. ’A Healthy Mind in a…’ – Julian Manyon on schools. Big O Posters full page ad. ‘Devaluation Trilogy’ - David Widgery on Georg Buchner. R. Cobb modern Americans/dead natives cartoon. Geuvara/Guevara apology. A handout from The Antiuniversity of London + Bob Whitaker photo. Liberation News Service + montage/cartoon. Neil Oram photo/poem.


OZ Publications Ink Limited, London, 32p


Please be advised: This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains explicit language and images that reflect attitudes of the era in which the material was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Reproduced by permission of Richard Neville. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited.

OZ 9

Publication Date

February 1968