OZ 8

OZ 8

Richard Neville, Editor

Please be advised: This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains explicit language and images that reflect attitudes of the era in which the material was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Editor: Richard Neville. Deputy Editor: Paul Lawson. Business Manager: Peter Ledeboer. Design: Jon Goodchild. Photography: Robert Whitaker. Art: Martin Sharp. Staff: Andrew Fisher, Ian Stocks Newman, David Reynolds, Louise.

Content: Louise Ferrier comic cover, (insert: Yoko Ono Film No.4 ad. for the Saville Theatre, with photo of 14hr. Technicolour Dream event; infamous mis-spelt Che Guevara poster with psychedelic While Dad’s Away, Mum Will Play poster on reverse) ‘The Circus is in Town’ - Martin Sharp Graphics. ‘Jessie in Kinseyland’. ‘Ozmosis’. R. L. cartoon. 1p+ Objet trouve - cigarette card National Types of Beauty. Forum ad. Oz subscription ad with Beardsley graphics. ‘Russia, You Have Bread, But No Roses’ - Angelo Quattrocchi on the Russian Revolution. London Magazine ad. Albert E. Kahn’s Smetana and the Beetles ad. IT subscription form. ‘The Stones, the Beatles, and Spyder Turner’s Raunch Epistemology’ by Richard Meltzer. ‘Image as Language’ ad. Other Scenes reviews Regis Debray’s Revolution in the Revolution. ‘Underground Confidential: World Wide Exclusive’ by Andy Warhol. ‘Think Sideways win £100’ by Edward de Bono. Michael St John ‘Epilogue’. Critique of Michael X. Playboy Club News page. 2p ‘Freelancer’ cartoon. Bulletin #12 from the Psychedelic Information Centre. Carpet Bazaar ad. ‘In Memorium Homo Sapiens Extinct’ back cover graphic.