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Editor: Richard Neville & John Wilcock. Deputy Editor: Paul Lawson. Business Manager: Peter Ledeboer. Design: Jon Goodchild. Photography: Robert Whitaker. Art: Martin Sharp. Staff: Andrew Fisher, Ian Stocks Newman, David Reynolds, Louise.

Content: Other Scenes issue, Martin Sharp cover. Produced by John Wilcock of Other Scenes. Michael X photo, R. Cobb graphic. Blue Films by the Yard – obscenity & Scotland Yard. Image – In Memorium Rene Magritte. ‘What Does London Need Most?’. ‘The King and His Coca Cola Court’ - Richard Neville on Nepal. 1p Ray Leong photo of man chained to chair. ‘Dope Sheet’ - 2 pages on drugs by Chester Anderson. John Peel interview by David Phillips & Michael Gray. Letter from a Greek prison. ‘Jagger Saga’ on the Stones’ bust. Michael Tausig on R.D. Laing. Underground Television by Sheldon Renan. Pop lyric collage by Ben Carruthers. ‘The Pornb£oker’ - Anthony Haden-Guest on Maurice Girodias. Rosetalk – hippy language parody + graphics. ‘Leary in Disneyland’ by David Widgery. Snareart’ by Daniel Sporri. Picasso’s Play at St Tropez - Jean-Jacques Lebel. 2p Hama ‘Displacement’ cartoon. Marshall McLuhan’s Kingdom – 2p+ critique of McLuhan + graphics + Sphere ad for Understanding Media. IT ad. Release ad. OZ free back copies subscription ad. Back cover Other Scenes & OZ photomontage featuring Michael X.


OZ Publications Ink Limited, London, 28p


Please be advised: This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains explicit language and images that reflect attitudes of the era in which the material was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Reproduced by permission of Richard Neville. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited.

OZ 6

Publication Date

August 1967