OZ 23

OZ 23

Richard Neville, Editor

Please be advised: This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains explicit language and images that reflect attitudes of the era in which the material was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


This issue appears with the help of Sebastian Jorgensen, Richard Neville, Felix Dennis, Jon Goodchild, Louise Ferrier, Jim Anderson, Ken Petty, Miss Murphy, Keith Morris, Tina Locke, Martin Sharp, Thom Keyes, Robert Owen, Jim Calaghan, "Buzz" Aldrin & the Policeman at Heathrow.

Content: Homosexual OZ. “yet each man kills the thing he loves…” Wilde quote on cover. Full-page IOW ad – Bob Dylan & The Band, Richie Havens. Max Ernst illustrations with captions and centerfold. Martin Sharp single frames throughout. A run of critical/cryptic statements which feature at the top & sides of some pages. Gay lovers photo - ‘Man Maketh Man’. ‘Suck for Peace’ – extracts from The Homosexual Handbook by Angelo d’Arcangelo. ‘Take it Like a Man’ – a young West London drug addiction clinic doctor on homosexuality. Michael J.W. Storey – the last supper. ‘Did You Feel the Earth Move Little Rabbit?’ - Bob Hughes on the moon landing. Miles on ‘Mother Earth’. Ad for The Julian Press. ’Return of the Media Pirates’: Caroline News – Alan Reid on pirate radio. Form/graphic declaration and article on leaving the Air Force. Dr Hip Ocrates. Poverty Cooking. Review of Some of IT, Turning On and Nik Cohn’s Pop from the Beginning. Harvest Records ad. Mozic: Blind Faith LP cover (nude 11 year-old girl) with a condemnation of it by Don Short of the Daily Mirror. Phil Ochs/Deviants/Pink Fairies music culture commentary. LP reviews: Blind Faith, Martha Vellez, Dr Strangely Strange and Tim Buckley. Spoof film ad. Trouble in Molopolis – Martin Sharp photo. Leonard Cohen ‘The Beautiful Loser’ by Raymond Durgnat. Time Out ad. 2p back issues + Middle Earth ad. ‘Biography of the Simeon Synthesizer’ by Simeon of Silver Apples. Back cover ‘Free chickens’ Gilbert Shelton cartoon.