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Editor: Richard Neville Design: Jon Goodchild, Virginia. Writers: Andrew Fisher, Ray Durgnat, Germaine, David Widgery, Angelo Quattrocchi, Fletcher Watkins. Stozic: Felix Dennis. Research: Jim Anderson. Artists: Martin Martin Sharp, Bob Hook, John Hurford, Womack, Phillipe von•Mora Photography: Keith Morris. Advertising: Felix Dennis. Pushers: Louise Ferrier, Brigid Harrison, Cosi Pavalko. Lyn Richards.

Contents: Germaine Greer/Viv Stanshall cover. Greer-Stanshall pics front, back, inside front and Greer intermittently throughout. Other Scenes. Martin Sharp ‘There was movement at the station…’ graphic. Spike – Richard Neville on Lee Heater and Abbie Hoffman’s Revolution for the Hell of it of which Neville writes: “ His strategy I would call the Politics of Play…” UPS. Photo of Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding & Caroline Coon. Time Out subscription ad. ‘Frelimo’ – the Mozambique liberation struggle. ‘Food Explosion’ by David Ramsay Steele. Full page ‘piggies’ cartoon. Smoking – Professor Norman Zinberg talks to Caroline Coon about dope + Krishna Lama licensed dope shop ad. ‘Guerilla Psychic Warfare’ part 2 by G. William Domhoff (scribbled in parenthesis at the end: “If the revolution means prose like this let’s LOSE!”). Centrefold poems by Peter Mayer, typography by Alan Rickman. ‘Why the Press Council’s a Fake’ + graphic. OZ subscription ad. Mozic: ‘The Universal Tonguebath-A Groupie’s Vision’ – Staff writer Germaine talks to Dr G, a celebrated (and over educated) international groupie, by Germaine Greer. Jackie Lomax ad. ‘You Might Think it’s a Load of Old Cock, Man, But That’s Your Hangup’ – review of John & Yoko’s Two Virgins by Sebastion Jorgenson. LP reviews: Led Zeppelin, Rhinoceros, The Concert Ensemble, The Everly Brothers, Murray Roman, Touch. Full page photos of Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia and Mick Jagger from the Beggars Banquet sessions. Full page photo and quote from the Incredible String Band. ‘This Man is Dangerous’ – Detective Sgt Norman (Normal) Pilcher, head of Scotland Yard’s drug squad. ‘The Only Living Dylanologist’ – A.J. Weberman talks to Gordon Friesen + Dylan photo. Led Zeppelin, Family, Roy Harper, Gutbucket, Middle Earth, Island Records ads. Inside back cover ad for The Encyclopaedia of Sexual Behaviour.


OZ Publications Ink Limited, London, 52p


Please be advised: This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains explicit language and images that reflect attitudes of the era in which the material was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Reproduced by permission of Richard Neville. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited.

OZ 19

Publication Date

March 1969