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Editor: Paul Lawson. Design: Rick Cuff / Paul Lawson. Photography: Keith Morris / Steve Dwoskin. Advertising: John Leaver. Oz Workers Co-op: Jenny Crowe, Pauline Carter, Tim Epps, Andrew Fisher, Richard Neville, Mazin Zeki Merge Reagan. Pusher: Anou.

Contents: The Doors Waiting For the Sun and Roundhouse appearance ad. Berke’s Bourgeoise – a Lexicon compiled by Joe Berke. Soldiers with decapitated men photo – ‘Where We’re At’. ‘Trip Without a Ticket’ – 4p on the Diggers. ‘Towards the New Synthesis’ by Herman Kahn. Dr Hip Ocrates. “Ensure Confusion – every OZ is different” editorial, subscription & back issues. Peace News, Apple (a small ad that appears twice), Deviants, Time Out and Dr Alan Cohen lecture tour ads. Full page Martin Sharp cartoon strip. Full page Apple ad with text by Miles. ‘Fading Freedoms/Latent Fascisms’ part 3 by Raymond Durgnat. IT subscription form. ‘The Yellow-on-Orange-Press’ by Sheldon Williams. ‘Anti-U’ – the London Anti-University by Alan Krebs. ‘Anti-U2’ by Bill Mason. Ad for the Institute of Phenomenological Studies Dialectics of Liberation LP recordings. ‘3rd World’ – Norodom Sihanouk on Cambodia. ‘The Hair of Fabian Douglas’ – a 5p tale from ‘The Alf-Back’ by Neil Douglas about a boy expelled from an Australian school for having long hair. ‘Law & Order & Justice ho ho!’ a documentary about colour prejudice in the police force with credits to the BBC, Black Dwarf & Black Panthers. Viva Che! Lorrimer Publishing ad. The Electric Circus – devoted to the environment with an ‘Octahedron House’ cut-out plan. ‘1+1 +J-LG’ 2 or 3 tapes of a press conference with Jean-Luc Godard. Jefferson Airplane pic & ideal LP compilation by John Leaver. MGM Records ad. ‘Czechs Told’ by Richard Deutscher. ‘Chicago’ - Eugene Schonfield on Yippies and demos.


OZ Publications Ink Limited, London, 48p


Please be advised: This collection has been made available due to its historical and research importance. It contains explicit language and images that reflect attitudes of the era in which the material was originally published, and that some viewers may find confronting.


Reproduced by permission of Richard Neville. This material is made available for the purposes of research and study. Commercial use is prohibited.

OZ 14

Publication Date

July 1968