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In 1994 the Science and Technology Studies Program [STS] won a three year contract with the Monash led Open learning Australia consortium [OLA] to provide two first year subjects in the area of history and philosophy of science/social studies of science and technology. The two subjects, OLA SCI 14 and OLA SCI 15 were analogues, respectively, of STS 100 Introduction To Science and Technology Studies and STS 112 The Scientific Revolution-History, Philosophy and Politics of Science. That is, both were modelled exactly on long standing and well established first year subjects taught on campus. I wrote approximately 65% of the subject materials-all of STS 112 and one third, the opening section, of STS 100. Dr Stewart Russell and Dr Sharon Beder each created a third of that latter subject. The subjects were first offered through OlA midway through 1995. In 1997 the OlA contract was renewed for a further two years.