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Integrating generic skills into teaching


In the Wollongong University policy document 'First Year Progress Report, Towards 2000' a number of competencies, attitudes and values felt desirable for graduates of the University of Wollongong are listed. Over the years the list has been modified and amended. Competencies as discussed in 1993 required that the graduate: 'is equipped for continued learning, intellectual development, critical analysis and creativity; has a coherent and extensive knowledge in a discipline; communicates clearly and fluently in writing; has a capacity for teamwork; is self-confident and orally articluate; is computer literate'; and, 'is statistically literate' (p 8). Amongst others desirable attitudes for graduates included: 'has the desire for continuing intellectual development and creativity' and 'values truth, accuracy, honesty and ethical standards in personal and professional life' (p 8). In August 1997 a generic skills workshop was convened by the Chair of the Generic Skills Working Party and at that meeting the view was put that the University considered that the generic skills which encompass these attributes should by integrated into teaching, not simply 'tacked on'.