Overview - University of Wollongong Teaching & Learning Journal


Welcome to Volume 5 Number 1. This edition marks a watershed in the way Overview is published with the introduction of OveIView On-Line. Overview In Print is still available although the number of copies has been reduced. For this reason staff members are asked to complete a subscription (no charge) to ensure their copy of OveIView In Print. Subscription forms may be found at the above uri or by email request to the editor. Not only will readers benefit from this change but contributing authors will gain wider exposure through Overview On-Line as the uri is being distributed to centres for teaching, learning, professional and staff development in Australian and overseas universities. Copies of previous issues are being converted and will soon be available at the web site. As the publication means becomes more flexible it is then fitting that seven contributors from the faculty of Arts report on their presentations at a recent Flexible Delivery Workshop. Lenore Lyons-Lee writes about using the World Wide Web in the classroom. John Schuster and Stewart Russell discuss different aspects of the STS program's Open Leaming offerings. Graham Barwell reports on the use of listservers, David Simpson on handouts, Phillip D'Alton on making video tapes and John McQuilton on CDROM. In an email message earlier this year the Vice-Chancellor wrote that' ... we are placing emphasis on internationalising the experience of students .. .' and that 'Internationalisation can be achieved in a number of ways including aspects of curriculum design and opportunities for students to gain overseas experience'. Noriko Dethlefs' article on the effectiveness of short term in-country study/work programs discusses undergraduate international experience. Also in this issue two articles are presented in the area of generic skills. Anne Porter writes about strategies to integrate generic skills into curriculum and Cath Milne writes about the development of a description of generic skills. Three other articles are included because of their interest to teachers. Parviz Doulai reports on his Educational Strategies Development Funded project, H. B. Dharmappa et al. report on the use of multimedia in Environmental Engineering and Muhammad Hadi discusses the use of spreadsheets in Civil and Mining Engineering. I hope you find this edition, whether in print or on-line, interesting and helpful and as always your comments are most welcome.