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Having just completed an interesting interview with Dr Elizabeth Sommerland as part of the evaluations of the 1994 CAUT grants (now referred to as CUTSD grants) I realised that the materials from my CAUT evaluation report might be of interest to others planning to apply for these grants, or in turn to those about to write up evaluations. Dr Sommerland and I had discussed evaluation design at some length, noting that this was a very important component of these projects, not just in the writing up stage, but also in the proposal stage. A well constructed evaluation plan means that data is collected during the process of the project and the writing up is simply a matter of collation and critical thinking when it is all over. Well, maybe not that simple! What I present here is the basis of the report forwarded to CAUT at the completion of my project: Self Directed Learning in Nutrition Counselling. I present is as such so that readers may take interest in what I found, but also to display how I constructed the report from data quite deliberately collected during the process of project implementation. The headings used are those required at the time.