Overview - University of Wollongong Teaching & Learning Journal


Welcome to Volume 4 Number 2. The large number of articles submitted has allowed this edition to be primarily concerned with two themes. The themes reflect issues that are very much at the forefront of many teachers' minds. The themes are: Tertiary Literacies or Generic Skills; and teaching students from other cultural backgrounds. In her article Lynne Wright discusses the benefits of integrating generic skills into the curriculum and reports on the outcomes of the Generic Skills Working Party and the Generic Skills Workshop. Elisa Arcioni, the student representative on the working party, adds a student perspective of the need for, and context of, generic skills. This theme is continued with a brief note on the background of the newly appointed Project Officer Tertiary Literacies, Cath Milne. The theme ofteaching students from other cultural backgrounds is treated in several different ways. Yuko Ramzan and Will Rifkin et al. provide an abundance of teaching strategies and tactics to assist the creation of an effective and efficient learning environment for students of English and non-English background. David Blackall and Peter White as well as Elizabeth Thomson and Robyn Woodward-Kron in their articles describe new subjects designed to meet the needs of students of non-English cultural backgrounds. Russell Gluck and Kim Draisma report on mentoring for indigenous students and that this process can be employed with mainstream students. The edition is completed with three articles of practical advice to teachers. Brian Ferry discusses the use of concept maps in lectures, Linda Tapsell shares the report of her CAUT funded project and Paul Else details a project where CD-ROMs are leant to students. I hope you find this edition interesting and helpful and as always your comments are most welcome.