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First time using student-centred teaching?


What happens when one shifts from a traditional lecture format to what have become known as 'student-centred' methods of teaching? Imagine that someone has designed a subject that consists entirely of student-centred, experiential activities - hypotheticals, case studies, debates, reflective discussions on student experiences, personal learning journals, a student-designed final exam, lots of small-group discussion, and content that evolves over the semester to reflect student interest. To prepare, one could look at theory and general description of particular, student-centred subjects. Such writings would convey how students take 'ownership' of class material and connect it with their work and personal lives. This analytical literature is complemented here by a focus on how it would feel for one to teach such a subject. In other words, what will you, the lecturer, experience? More specifically, what will it feel like in the critical period at the beginning of the semester as you get your feet on the ground?