UOW hosted the 2nd National Forensic Accounting Teaching and Research Symposium on 12-14th February 2012. The symposium explored the interface between accounting practice, research and education. The highlight on the first day was a panel discussion with judges, lawyers and forensic accountants. The topic of discussion was the presentation of evidence in civil and criminal cases. Monday’s symposium presented a range of topics from the keynote speakers, Ron Durkin a former FBI investigator, Dr Peter Hughes, Head of Internal Audit, Orange County, California and Craig Edwards from the accounting firm Lonergan Edwards and Associates. The day also included papers from practitioners, researchers and academics from law and accounting. The final session on Tuesday was devoted to exploring potential research areas between practitioners and researchers from the School. The symposium was well received by the participants from a range of both public and private organisations including the national and state law enforcement agencies, government departments, other universities from both Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

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