Mary Zournazi is a writer and philosopher who lives in Sydney. She has a PhD in cultural theory, philosophy and politics. Her recent books include Foreign Dialogues (1998, Pluto Press Australia) and After the Revolution – On Kristeva (with John Lechte, 1998, Artspace), and with Lechte she is the co-editor of The Kristeva Critical Reader (forthcoming, Edinburgh Press). She also works as a radio producer. Foreign Dialogues was made into an eight-part radio series for Radio Eye, ABC Radio National, Australia. She has produced a radio feature based on material in Hope for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mary's book Hope: new philosophies for change (Pluto Press 2002) is accessible here. It includes a number of interviews as follows:

Acknowledgments 10
Prologue 12
Introduction 14
Section I - The Elements of Hope
1. Murmurs of life – with Alphonso Lingis 22
2. Carnival of the senses – with Michael Taussig 42
3. Joyful revolt – with Julia Kristeva 64
4. Faith without certitudes – with Nikos Papastergiadis 78
Section II - A Politics of Hope
5. On believing – with Christos Tsiolkas 98
6. Hope, passion, politics – with Chantal Mouffe and Ernesto Laclau 122
7. ‘On the side of life’ – Joy and the capacity of being – with Ghassan Hage 150
8. The rest of the world – with Gayatri Spivak 172
Section III - Revolutionary Hope
9. The art of living – with Michel Serres 192
10. Navigating movements – with Brian Massumi 210
11. A ‘cosmo-politics’ – risk, hope, change – with Isabelle Stengers 244
Epilogue 274
Appendix – Biographical details and associated readings 276
Index 284