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Hudson, J. N. & Rienits, H. (2011). An OSCE clinical log station: driving reflection on clinical competence development. Research in Clinical Skills and Evidenced Based Clinical Skills Education and Practice: 4th International Clinical Skills Conference (pp. 46-46).


An OSCE clinical log station: driving reflection on clinical competence development Hudson JN, Rienits H, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Wollongong Background: An electronic clinical log was introduced at an Australian 4-year graduate entry medical school with the first intake of students in 2007. While some students embraced this log to record and reflect on their early clinical experiences, initial uptake of the log was low. Among the strategies used to encourage student use of this learning resource was the introduction of an innovative clinical log OSCE station. What was done: The clinical log station aimed to foster longitudinal recording and reflection on clinical experience and identification of significant learning issues in relation to patient and self-care, health promotion, teamwork and quality and safety. The scoring process sought evidence of educational use of the log. Demonstration of the marking sheet and standard setting procedure will illustrate how assessors scored performance using the following 3 main criteria: quantity and diversity of recorded experiences; case presentation; and reflection on development issues in relation to the presentation. Evaluation Findings: Student log use increased following introduction of the OSCE log station, but decreased following the final examinations. Student performance increased with experience of station expectations. Conclusions: While student ‘logging’ of clinical experience is important for quality assurance and to facilitate support of individual student development, assessment of this activity appears crucial to drive student engagement.