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Vella, S. I. (Ed.). (2008). Ozzawa 2008 – Assessment for Life. Melbourne: The 13th Ottawa International Conference on Clinical Competence.

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The main theme of the 2008 Australian conference stems from a wish by the organizing committee to return to the original roots of the Conference. This was to assist the international community to design research and discuss improvements in the assessment of clinical competence. So ‘Ozzawa 2008 – Assessment for Life’ will spotlight the centrality of assessment in academic and professional life.


Background: The Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Wollongong began with its first cohort of 80 graduate-entry students in January 2007. A diverse group of tutors was recruited from the region to deliver the clinical skills program. Tutor expertise included clinical and academic education from generalist and specialist fields of nursing and medicine.

A variety of health and medical schools are investigating how to improve professional relationships within the health care industry by fostering interprofessional collaboration in the curriculum. One problem fostering interprofessional collaboration in the early years of training is lack of student awareness of the boundaries or expectations of their particular discipline.

Aims: To investigate the formation of the interprofessional team of clinical skills tutors within the school and explore this as a model for teaching interprofessional practice.

Methods: Semi-structured interviews of the clinical skills team were conducted by an independent interviewer. Those involved in analysis of the transcripts, while part of the team were not interviewed.

Results: Analysis of the narrative of those interviewed will be explored. The themes which stand out include, ‘factors contributing to a collaborative team’ (e.g. mutual respect and lack of hierarchy) and ‘striving for excellence together’ which illustrates Allports’ contact hypothesis of conflict reduction.

Conclusion: The interprofessional team in clinical skills demonstrating professional attitudes in ethical and professional behaviour is potentially a model for health care students that may be extended into the workplace.

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