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Waters, R. L., Weston, K. M. & Farmer, E. (2004). Linking primary health care researchers in South Australia: a network strategy, SARNet. In J. Fuller, K. Ried & T. Udell (Eds.), Red Snapshots : Research and Evaluation Resources for Primary Health Care (issue 2) (pp. 13-21). Adelaide, S.Aust: PHCRED.


In response to the changing definitions of primary care delivery there is a growing need for research to be practitioner-driven and multidisciplinary. This paper addresses the strategies used to enhance multidisciplinary participation and capacity building in research in the South Australian Primary Health Care Research Network (SARNet). This network has 198 members currently. Membership is strongly multidisciplinary and spans all levels of research expertise. The services offered by the network are member-driven and include competitive bursary funding for research and evaluation skills development, writing groups, training events, access to web-based resources and information, special interest groups, and email alerts. Potential future directions include a database of members’ research interests and an online discussion forum or list server. The strategies, challenges and future impact of the network are discussed.

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