The flow field in turbulent round free jets



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Ball, C. G., Fellouah, H. & Pollard, A. (2012). The flow field in turbulent round free jets. Progress in Aerospace Sciences, 50, April, 1-26.


A critical review of both experimental and computational studies of round turbulent jets is provided, beginning with the work of Tollmien (1926). This review traces the history, the major advances, and the various stages that the research community went through over the past 85-odd years - from statistical analyses through to the use of conditional sampling, proper orthogonal decomposition and structural eduction methods. It includes the introduction of novel experimental techniques as well as insights gained from recent large eddy and direct numerical simulations. Some direction where future research may prove beneficial is also provided. The review does not include the effects of passive or active control, scalar contaminant transport whether by heat or mass. It includes effects of Reynolds number, inlet conditions (excluding swirl) and considers both near- and far-field investigations. We have minimised reference to papers that utilise models of turbulence unless such works provide something of particular importance.

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