Multiple-choice questions in clinical gastroenterology



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Bateson, M. C., Barton, R., Burke, D., Cann, P., Cox, J., Curry, G., Ghosh, S., Hislop, W., Hopwood, D., Johnston, D., Jones, A., Jowett, S., Macklon, A., Matthewson, K., O'Donohue, J., Palmer, K., Reilly, T., Rose, J., Sivaramakrishnan, N., Smith, H., Stephen, J., Trewby, P., Wilson, J. & Wood, R. (1998). Multiple-Choice Questions in Clinical Gastroenterology. Reading, UK: Petroc Press.


In the middle of the twelfth century the Scottish Sovereign's rule extended into England north of the River Tees. The territory of this ancient kingdom of CaledonIa is today an area where the National Health Service functions best and academic medicine flourishes. Gastroenterology is particularly strong and so it is especially appropriate that colleagues from north Britain contribute to this collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). These MCQs focus on common clinical problems approached in different ways and on recent advances. Many are based on real patients under the clinical care of the authors. Often detailed explanations of the answers are provided. The questions are of varying levels of difficulty so as to be suitable for all levels of medical postgraduates. MCQs should only be attempted if the correct answer is definitely known or almost certain. Not only do wrong answers lose marks, but also they may be falsely remembered as 'facts'. The strength of this book lies in the experience and merits of the authors. The editor accepts all blame for any problems!

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