Mirrabook improvement initiative project



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Garg, V. & Macgregor, R. C. (2012). Mirrabook improvement initiative project. RANZCP 2012: New Zealand Conference: Winds of Change - Nga hau karure: Integrated Care (p. 46). New Zealand: The Conference Company.


Background: Working in an acute mental unit like Mirrabook, has special challenges, similar to any acute mental health services. Each service is audited on EQuiP standards and expects that these services meet those standards set under the National Mental Health Strategy, so that the clinical processes are made simpler, effective and efficient. That would then translate into best clinical practice and provide best patient care. The. mental health services are currently involves a complex service model. Continuity of care, through efficient communication with relevant team members between inpatient teams, out patient teams, GP and other members is crucial. The Mirra book team innovated a new method of clinical governance model, that enables to address the raised concerns. We would like to describe the new method, compare it with previous clinical process, talk about its advantages and disadvantages and raise issues for further discussion in our poster. We found that the new clinical governance model is more effective, time efficient and quite communicative and collaborative. We would recommend that this model be evaluated wider across the service.

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