Biopsychosocial model of illness and oral medicine



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Bailoor, D. N. & Pai, N. Brahmavar. (2005). Biopsychosocial model of illness and oral medicine. In D. N. Bailoor & K. S. Nagesh (Eds.), Fundamentals of oral medicine and radiology (pp. 343-353). New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers.


Biopsychosocial model of illness was first proposed by Engel in 1977 and later modified by many workers. This model suggests that any illness is caused due to the interaction of three factors: the biological, the psychological and the soical. The first example that comes to mind is of HIV infection. The biological agent is he virus and psychological stress and loneliness causes the person to indulge in drug habit or promiscuous sex, and the social stigma of AIDS may drive the patient to suicide. In this all three factors are easily identified...

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