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Pai, N. Brahmavar., Vella, S. C. & Dawes, K. (2012). A qualitative analysis of medical students views of their first psychiatry rotation. Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences, 11 (2), 1-5.

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Objective: The importance of student's perspectives in informing curricula and pedagogy has long been recognised. However, student's perspectives are rarely reported in the academic literature. Therefore this study explores and reports on medical student's perspectives of their first psychiatry clinical rotation in a 'new' era medical school in Australia. Method: Seventy-three graduate entry medical students completed a semi-structured questionnaire about their experiences during a mental health rotation. The responses were analysed and coded into thematic categories. Results: The following thematic categories were evident; staff, breadth of experience, attitudes towards mental health, course materials and structure, and professional development. Conclusion: The results are discussed in the context of the current academic recommendations for the teaching of psychiatry and behavioural science to medical students. Although the use of student feedback is recommended by the literature, pragmatically it is rarely utilised and if it is utilised it is not reported in the academic literature. It is recommended that educators embrace the use of student's perspectives to evaluate and inform their teaching.