A case of severe mercuric sulphate ingestion treated with 2,3-kimercaptopropane 1 sulphonate (DMPD) and hi-flow hemodiafiltration



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Dargan, P. I., Giles, L. J., House, I., Murphy, N., Wallace, C. I., JONES, A. LINDA. & Beale, R. J. (1999). A case of severe mercuric sulfate ingestion treated with 2,3-Dimercaptopropane-1-sulphonate (DMPS) and hi-flow hemodiafiltration. North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology Annual Meeting (pp. 622-623).


Objective: Our training program uses senior emergency medicine residents (SEMRs) as toxicology consultants, with the back-up of the physician toxicologist on-call. We assessed health care practitioner (HCP) satisfaction with this toxicology consulting service. Methods: For 5 months, HCPs who spoke to a toxicology consultant (SEMR or attending on-call toxicologist) were contacted by telephone and a 12 question survey was implemented. Results: 48 toxicology consultant cases were identified. 9 HCPs did not respond to initial or 3 follow-up calls. 3 surveys were eliminated because they were incomplete. Of the 36 completed surveys, 21 used the SEMR as consultant, and 15 used attending toxicologists. 92% (33/36) felt the response time of the consultant was very quick and 100% felt that advice given was relevant to the poisoning case. 94% (34/36) followed the advice given by the consultant. 83% (30/36) felt that his/her knowledge base was expanded by discussion with the consultant. 94% (34/36) felt that all of his/her questions were answered. 92% (33/36) said they could access the consultant easily if needed again. 80% (29/36) had used the service before, and 100% stated they would use it again. When asked to rate the service on a scale of 1-5 (5 = extremely valuable), the median score was 5 (range 4-5). When asked for comments, 13 had no comments, 3 had negative comments, 6 had suggestions for improvement, and the remaining 14 had praise for the service. When SEMR survey results were compared to those of the toxicologist, no differences were noted. Conclusion: The poison center consultation service meets with high satisfaction and is well received. Use of SEMRs as toxicology consultants in the poison center compared favorably to the use of attending toxicologists.

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