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Stevens, G., Agho, K., Taylor, M., Jones, A. L., Jacobs, J., Barr, M. Raphael, B. (2011). Alert but less alarmed: a pooled analysis of terrorism threat perception in Australia. BMC Public Health, 11 797-808.


Background: Previous Australian research has highlighted disparities in community perceptions of the threat posed by terrorism. A study with a large sample size is needed to examine reported concerns and anticipated responses of community sub-groups and to determine their consistency with existing Australian and international findings. Methods: Representative samples of New South Wales (NSW) adults completed terrorism perception questions as part of computer assisted telephone interviews (CATI) in 2007 (N = 2081) and 2010 (N = 2038). Responses were weighted against the NSW population. Data sets from the two surveys were pooled and multivariate multilevel analyses conducted to identify health and socio-demographic factors associated with higher perceived risk of terrorism and evacuation response intentions, and to examine changes over time.



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