Collapse, reported seizure-and an unexpected pill



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Wood, D. M., Dargan, P. I., Button, J., Holt, D. W., Ovaska, H., Ramsey, J. & Jones, A. (2007). Collapse, reported seizure-and an unexpected pill. Lancet, 369 (9571), 1490.


In May, 2006, on a Bank Holiday weekend, an 18-year-old woman presented to an inner-city London emergency department. She had been at a nightclub with friends and purchased tablets, which she understood to be Ecstasy or amfetamines, from a dealer. After ingesting fi ve tablets, she collapsed in the nightclub and appeared to have a seizure lasting 10 min. On arrival in the emergency department, she was agitated and had dilated pupils (8 mm), sinus tachycardia (156 bpm), and a blood pressure of 150/51 mm Hg. Her score on the Glasgow coma scale was 15 and she was apyrexial (35·9°C). She had no signifi cant past medical history and was on no regular medication.

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