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Farmer, E., Weston, K. (2002). A conceptual model for capacity building in Australian primary health care research. Australian Family Physician, 31 (12), 1139-1142.


Background: Many general practitioners and primary health care practitioners lack research and evaluation skills. In response, the Australian Government has funded important capacity building initiatives.

Aim: To propose a conceptual model to assist these initiatives.

Model: Four groups of research involvement are suggested: nonparticipants; participating (as part of a research team); managing/training (either leading research, or in formal training to do so); and academic (with, or leading toward, a doctorate). We outline six guiding principles for research capacity building: 1) a whole system approach, 2) accommodating diversity, 3) reducing barriers to participation, 4) enabling collaboration, 5) mentoring, and 6) networking.

Conclusion: This model forms a framework to help plan and evaluate research capacity building initiatives.