Law Text Culture

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Beyond the Bounds


The contributions to this edition of Law Text Culture arose from a series of workshops and seminars which Luke McNamara and I organised through the Legal Intersections Research Centre at the University of Wollongong during 2001 and 2002. Having recently formed a research group focusing on the social and disciplinary intersections of law, we set out to explore these intersections with the help of colleagues working in law, humanities and social sciences in Australia, North America and Europe. Some of their contributions to this exploration are collected here. In the last edition of Law Text Culture (5.2), David Delaney wrote that a generation of assaults by critical legal studies had made a shambles of the 'traditional constitutive boundaries, such as those separating law from politics, morality, economics or society' (2001: 84). Our focus here is on the epistemological and methodological dimensions of those boundaries or, since these are in a shambles, those intersections.