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Anecdotes from life


O. Yu


he is going back he has already bought a ticket

why in such a haste

because he is sick, of and in australia his girl has left him a catholic girl whose parents object to her

marrying a non-catholic oh the most beautiful girl in his factory

in his work group

another man also loves her a yugoslavian

but she prefers him you have seen him you know what a fine

young man he is

having obtained a b.a. in philosophy

taller than most of the chinese

but her parents just don't allow her to marry him

such stubborn people so backward in outlook so unenlightened

in thinking

the girl has to quit the factory to quit him

but even in china no parents can stop their girls marrying the men

they want to marry absolutely none can do that

it's incredible that such things can have happened in a country

that claims itself progressive and free

i suppose what is at work is

damned white supremacy