Law Text Culture


Anyone who has enjoyed the experience (largely gratifying but also, at certain moments, downright exhausting) of participating in an editorial project knows that the final product reflects not only the work of those who are credited in it, but also a crowd of invisible contributions that aided its coming into the world. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Enrique Torralba, who generously designed the cover of this volume. We would also like to thank the Law Students’ Association and the Faculty of Law’s Dean at McGill University, who each provided us with funds for the copyright clearances for many images reproduced in the following pages, as well as the prize money for the creative submission contest that resulted in the inclusion of John Hanamy’s work. Ana Merino, Desmond Manderson and Julia Quilter also graciously volunteered their time as jurors for the contest - thank you for your time and judicious acumen.