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Law Text Culture

Law Text Culture is a trans-continental peer reviewed journal. It publishes critical thinking and creative writing across a range of genres - from artwork and fiction to the traditional scholarly essay. Law Text Culture incites a dialogue crossing disciplines, exciting, in each, fresh perspectives along three axes of inquiry: * Politics: engaging the relationship of force and resistance; * Aesthetics: eliciting the relationship of judgment and expression; and Ethics: exploring the relationship of self and other. Law Text Culture promotes the exploration of these aspects of these themes through special issues. People interested in submitting work to be considered for publication in Law Text Culture are encouraged to address the themes of forthcoming special issues as indicated on the journal's home page here. Contact details for guest editors are also provided. The journal does not normally consider unsolicited articles of a general nature unrelated to special issues.

ISSN: 1322-9060.

Current Volume: Volume 23 (2019) Legal Materiality

Journal Articles


A change of heart: retraction and body
Marie-Andrée Jacob and Anna Macdonald