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Law Text Culture

Law Text Culture is a transcontinental, open access, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal which aims to produce fresh insights and knowledges about law and jurisprudence across three interconnected axes:

  • Politics: engaging the relationship of force and resistance;
  • Aesthetics: eliciting the relationship of judgment and expression;
  • Ethics: exploring the relationship of self and other.

Law Text Culture publishes an annual thematic special issue, curated by guest editors selected by the editorial board. Each issue explores its theme across a range of genres, with scholarly essays and articles sitting alongside visual and literary engagements. In this way, Law Text Culture excites unique intersectional and interdisciplinary encounters with law in all its forms.

For proposals and applications information about submitting to upcoming volumes see call for submissions.

For further information about the scholarly remit of the journal, please contact the Managing Editor.

ISSN: 1322-9060.