Learning and Socio-cultural Theory: Exploring Modern Vygotskian Perspectives International Workshop 2007


This research examines the ways that highly ranked, competitive Scrabble players develop their skills and expertise. It focuses on the role of social interactions in the development of their expertise as members of the community of practice of Scrabble players. Using nine case studies and semi-structured interviews as a primary source of data, the research seeks to explore the range of interactions of the experts with other Scrabble players and the curriculum of knowledge that facilitated their journey from novice to expert. The professional interactions among peers in reference to tournaments, the bonds and friendships that have developed in the social sphere that accompanies club and tournament play, and specific relationships within the community such as rivalries, alliances and mentor/protégé relationships have been identified. In addition, the development and maintenance of cognitive and metacognitive skills of the experts, both inside and outside of the community, are explored.

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