Let Uz Not Talk Falsely Now



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McLean, I. and Butler, R. Let Uz Not Talk Falsely Now Richard Bell: Lessons on Etiquette and Manners. Caulfield: Monash University Museum of Art, [2012], 39-41.

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ISBN: 9780987295248.......... Monash University Museum of Art - MUMA, 5 February - 13 April 2013.


Have you heard the one about the Irishmen, the Jew and the Nigger? The oppressed gravitate towards the best jokes. As the butt of jokes the threat of their otherness is defused; but as the tellers of self-deprecating racist jokes their suffering is also strangely defused. Freud explained why. The joke repudiates reality but its illusion is liberating because in refusing to suffer the ego triumphs over trauma, transforming pain into pleasure.1 In this respect a good joke is sublime.

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