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M. T. Kelly 2011 Split Unity; Finders Keepers; Disguise the Limit - works of art exhibited in the exhibition Australia Felix Crane Arts Philadelphia USA ICE Gallery at Crane Arts August 2011

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Split Unities; Finders Keepers; Disguise the Limit

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ISBN: 9781921760495 Madeleine Kelly


Madeleine Kellly investigates the archaeological metaphor and its potential to create new meaning. In particular, she focuses on its capacity to represent human relations with the environment, both natural and artifical. In her paintings, mythically charged signs are replicated, recontextualized, and re-scaled. By altering scale and proportions, she skews and shifts reality. Through anamorphic distortion, emphasis on internal articulation, cultural mapping, and biomorphic forms, the works are composed as 'archaeological constellations'. While her projects are not prointedly on ecological sustainability, they allude to the complexity of often politically sensitive informaiton and its impact on humanity.