What are the limits of free speech?



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Melleuish, G. C. 2013, 'What are the limits of free speech?', in C. Carli, P. Collits and T. Wilson (eds), Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics, Connor Court, Ballarat. pp. 256

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ISBN: 9781922168771


It is somewhat difficult to distinguish a conservative from a liberal position on free speech, especially in an Anglophone society which derives much of its conservative vision from Edmund Burke. In such a world, liberalism can be identified as the foundation of conservation, as it is liberal practices embedded in the way we do things that we wish to conserve. If there is a difference it lies in the fact that conservatives are far more likely to distinguish liberty from mere licence or licentiousness. They do not support an 'anything goes' position but one in which, ideally individuals should exercise their freedom of speech in a responsible fashion, aware of the consequences of their actions and with future generations in mind.

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