Time and emotion in public and private spaces



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Patulny, R. and Oprea, I. (2013). Time and emotion in public and private spaces. In S. Wray and R. Rae (Eds.), Personal and Public Lives and Relationships in a Changing Social World (pp. 58-78). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholar Publishing.

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ISBN: 9781443849685


Subjective Well-being (SWB) is becoming recognised in its own right as a key quality of life indicator, above and beyond economic growth, on the basis of several important studies and pieces of work by psychologists and economists (e.g. Diener et al. 1999, Michalos 2007). Well-being and happiness have also been strongly promoted in the last decade by positive psychologists as a critical component of good mental health (Seligman et al. 2005). They are rising in profile as credible alternative indicators to income in national economic contexts of social progress (Diener and Seligman 2004, Layard 2005, Stiglitz et al. 2009). However, the role of public and private spaces in shaping wellbeing has received scant attention in this literature

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