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Flood, M. G. (2013). Negotiating gender in men's research among men. In B. Pini and B. Pease (Eds.), Men, Masculinities and Methodologies (pp. 64-76). United Kingdom: Palgrave.

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ISBN: 9781137005724


What happens when men are the subjects of research? Gender and other forms of social difference are performed and negotiated in part through face-to-face interactions, including through such research methods as interviews and focus groups. When men or women conduct gender-conscious research with male research subjects, a host of issues are raised: practical, political, and epistemological. This chapter explores three dimensions of face-to-face research among men. It draws on the male author’s qualitative research among young heterosexual men regarding their sexual and social relations with women, as well as others’ gender-sensitive research among men in a variety of settings and populations. First, what do men say in interviews and focus groups, and how is this shaped by their interactions and relations with the researcher and with each other? Second, how do researchers and research participants negotiate men’s power and privilege in face-to-face research with men? Third, how do researchers and research participants negotiate power relations among men themselves?