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Louise Curham and Lucas M. Ihlein (Wo)man with Mirror 2013. Artwork featured in the exhibition "Hollow in the Paper" Hobart CAST Gallery 13 July to 18 August 2013. Published in flipbook Hollow in the Paper, by Amanda Davies, David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, Pat Brassington, Fiona Lee and Maria Kunda, Teaching and Learning Cinema, curated by Bec Stevens ISBN 0947335897.

2009: Imprint, Artspace, Sydney

2013: Parlour Performance Event at 13 Rooms, Kaldor Contemporary Art Projects

2013: Unconscious Archives, Apiary Studios, London.



Research Background

The research of Ihlein and Curham (TLC) involves re-enacting Expanded Cinema performances from the 1970s. Man With Mirror (1976) is a key work by Guy Sherwin, developed at the London Filmmakers Co-Op. The TLC re-enactment, entitled (Wo)man with Mirror, involves two simultaneous live performers, super 8 film projection, mirrors and screens.

Research Contribution

TLC's ongoing research investigates how re-enactments allow direct access to ephemeral performances that may otherwise only be available through documentation. The process of re-enactment changes the original work. What alterations are necessary to manifest it in the present time and place? The work thus positions artists as "experiential archivists". The findings of this research may take multiple forms: performances, academic papers, and the publication of a "Users Manual" communicating the practical discoveries generated by the re-enactment.

Research Significance

(Wo)man with Mirror was devised by Ihlein and Curham (TLC) in consultation with Guy Sherwin, via archival research at the British Artists Film and Video Study Collection in London, 2013. This led to a presentation at the conference Museum Futures in an Age of Austerity, at the Institute of Education; and a performance and public discussion organised by Unconscious Archives, at Apiary Studios. The project was also included in the exhibition Hollow in the Paper at CAST, Hobart, 2013. TLC was funded to travel to London in 2013 by an Australia Council Skills and Arts Development Grant. This led to the development of a new re-enactment project at the invitation of Malcolm LeGrice (UK), one of the world's foremost practitioners of expanded cinema.


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Hollow in the Paper


Teaching and Learning are Louise Curham & Lucas Ihlein. TLC evolved from the Sydney Moving Image Coalition - a filmmakers and film lovers group with a specific focus on Super 8, Curham works in film performance, installation and experimental film. Her key interest is the experience of deteriorating and ephemeral film images. Ihlein is an artist who works with social relations and communication as the primary media of his creative practice. His work manifests as blogs, participatory performances, pedagogical projects, experimental film and video, re-enactments, gallery installations, lithographic prints and drawings.

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