'Which World, and Why do We Worry About It?'



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Sharrad, P. (2013). 'Which World, and Why do We Worry About It?'. In R. J. Dixon and B. Rooney (Eds.), Scenes of Reading: Is Australian Literature a World Literature? (pp. 16-33). North Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing.

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ISBN: 9781925003031


Reviews the institutional history of World Literature, suggesting differences between motivations and applications in the US and in Australia. Applies a postcolonial reading to the debate and challenges the effects of implementing a world literature curriculum from the point of view of Australian literary studies and Indigenous writing.

The question of whether or not Australian literature is a world literature seems at first glance an odd one. By one definition, Australian literature is that produced by Australians, mostly consumed by Australians, and critically evaluated predominantly (though not exclusively) in relation to its national context. If the obvious answer is a clear 'no' ' then why is it being asked? What else might it mean? To find answers, we can look at three 'scenes of reading': first, the public arena of the literary industry; second, the scenes of our own academic reading; third, the scenes that may result if we do move towards a world literature framework for reading Australian literature.

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