Radically enactive cognition in our grasp



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Hutto, D. (2013). Radically enactive cognition in our grasp. In Z. Radman (Eds.), The Hand, an Organ of the Mind - What the Manual Tells the Mental (ebook) (pp. 227-252). United States: MIT Press.

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Cartesian-inspired dualism enforces a theoretical distinction between the motor and the cognitive and locates the mental exclusively in the head. This collection, focusing on the hand, challenges this dichotomy, offering theoretical and empirical perspectives on the interconnectedness and interdependence of the manual and mental. The contributors explore the possibility that the hand, far from being the merely mechanical executor of preconceived mental plans, possesses its own know-how, enabling “enhanded” beings to navigate the natural, social, and cultural world without engaging propositional thought, consciousness, and deliberation. ISBN: 9780262018845

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