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Martin, B. (2012). Breaking the seige: guidelines for struggle in science. In P. Banks, D. Lunney and C. Dickman (Eds.), Science under Siege: Zoology under Threat (pp. 164-170). Sydney: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales.

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Science under Siege


When scientists come under attack, it is predictable that the attackers will use methods to minimise public outrage over the attack, including covering up the action, devaluing the target, reinterpreting what is happening, using official processes to give an appearance of justice, and intimidating people involved. To be effective in countering attacks, it is valuable to challenge each of these methods, namely by exposing actions, validating targets, interpreting actions as unfair, mobilising support and not relying on official channels, and standing up to intimidation. On a wider scale, science is constantly under siege from vested interests, especially governments and corporations wanting to use scientists and their findings to serve their agendas at the expense of the public interest. To challenge this system of institutionalised bias, the same sorts of methods can be used.



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