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Narushima, T.. Hidden Sidetracks. Sydney: Between the Keys. Ensemble Offspring, 2013.

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Hidden Sidetracks

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Ensemble Offspring kicks off the year by taking its unique handmade instruments on the road in Between the Keys. Between The Keys extends our successful Partch’s Bastards project. We follow the lead of the iconic Harry Partch whose music was so radical he needed to build his own orchestra of unique instruments to play it. Ensemble Offspring has commissioned visually striking and sonically beautiful instruments on which to perform vivid new colours and scales. Insightful education workshops accompany the concert program.


Ensemble Offspring: "Hidden Sidetracks" by Terumi Narushima .

ENSEMBLE OFFSPRING in their Partch's Bastards Program (all instruments using the same microtonal tuning system called centaur)

The Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House, 2nd September 2011

Performers: Anna McMichael Tarhu | Claire Edwardes Centaur Vibraphone | Jason Noble Clarinis | Diana Springford Clarinis