Depth of Field



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Redgate, J.. Depth of Field. Photographic essay exhibited in the touring exhibition "Narelle Jubelin: Vision in Motion" - Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, University of South Australia. 18 July - 20 September. 40-63. Vision in Motion. Adelaide: Monash University, 2013.


Narelle Jubelin invited fellow artist Jacky Redgate to produce a photographic essay to accompany Vision in Motion. The challenge was to respond to Jubelin's work by making a form of site-specific documentation. Redgate conceived of a pinhole photography workshop which ran over two weeks at the University Art Workshop, School of Architecture, Design and Planning. The three participating artists worked closely with Redgate using found materials and objects, each constructed several cameras that enabled a variety of wide angle, telephoto, panoramic, anamorphic, rolling and multiple pinhole views. The pinhole camera process returns photography to its origins, and the model of a workshop returns to modernist practices, specifically those established at the Bauhaus.

This essay continues Redgate's occasional involvement in 'documenting' the work of Jubelin. For Vision in Motion the collaboration has been extended beyond the hand and eye of the individual artist to incorporate a cross-generational exchange of fugitive but fixed stares.

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