Against passive intellectualism: reply to Crane



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Hutto, D. (2006). Against passive intellectualism: reply to Crane. In R. A. Menary (Eds.), Radical Enactivism Intentionality, Phenomenology, and Narrative: Focus on the Philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto (pp. 121-149). Amsterdam: J. Benjamins Pub. Co.

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ISBN: 9789027241511


Crane finds fault not with my positive conclusions, but with my description of the current lay of the land in the philosophy of mind. And, as he claims my assessment is false, he concomitantly rejects my diagnosis of its perceived troubled state! By his lights, I am just wrong to suppose that there is a widespread (if only tacit) commitment to thinking of experience as spatio- temporal objects: this is a commitment to what I call the object-based schema. More than this, he makes the stronger claim that even if this practice abounds, it would hardly matter since there is no good reason that philosophers and cognitive scientists ought not to be engage in it in any case.

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