Both Bradley and biology



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Hutto, D. (2006). Both Bradley and biology. In R. A. Menary (Eds.), Radical Enactivism Intentionality, Phenomenology, and Narrative: Focus on the Philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto (pp. 81-105). Amsterdam: J. Benjamins Pub. Co.

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ISBN: 9789027241511


Rudd is right to observe that it is, "significant that the paper repeatedly mentions "basic" or "primitive" emotions" (Rudd: this volume). And he is sensitive enough to note that, "Hutto does recognize that the "basic" emotions are open to modification in particular cases (17), so he doesn't accept the full avocado pear model - his view suggests rather the image of a (genetically modified?) avocado whose core is itself somewhat malleable" (Rudd: thie volume). This too is right, only I see the avocado core as being modified culturally or through individual experience, not genetically, My view is that some of our interpersonal response patterns are re-tied through enculturation. We gain new, norm-governed habits of response when we take on a second nature, as it were. In this process, at least some of our patternes of emotional expression and reactions are transformed. It is important to stress that, when this happens, the result is transformative, not merely additive. Coming in line with others, through imitation, learning and education alters the manner of our emotional expression and response, and indeed its character, quite radically.

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