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Anthony Ashbolt, BLOG: Skewed view of ALP obscures reality, Illawarra Mercury, 6 September 2013.

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Illawarra Mercury


As the Labor government lies embattled, ready for a substantial defeat at the polls today, facts about the Australian economy and overseas understandings of Australia's performance over the last six years are emerging. Far from being the basket-case fashioned by the opposition and much of the media, the Australian economy's growth has actually lifted the average standard of living. A study by Ben Phillips from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) shows wage growth has outstripped inflation and produced an economic benefit for the average Australian family that is quite significant. We do not hear much about this side of things, because the opposition wants to paint the Australian economy as one mired in debt and deficit, while the government does not want to appear insensitive by claiming people are better off under its administration.