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Chicharo, P. "Glazed Peyote Crème Brûlée." Overland (Magazine-Summer 209). Footscray, Vic. Australia: O L Society Ltd, 2012. 86-87.

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Overland (Magazine-Summer 209)

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The peom "Glazed Peyote Crème Brûlée," Paul Chicharo is presented. First Line: The scavenged tin hovels and wet pits of desert dwellings skags; Last Line: crying out to lost gods burnt by radiation. Buzzards devour souls mourned by the white dress.


The scavenged tin hovels and wet pits of desert dwelling skags seem deserted save for the encircling shadows of bulimic buzzards. And hanging from the sprigs of thistles are toothbrush plastic rosary beads pinched from a petrol station along with Quasimodo’s prickly pear pitchfork. Little Marci modelling truck stop sunnies, twirls in her white dress; Flower girl fanging it across the waste with Mumsy and militant surrealists.