Embodied expections and extended possibilities: reply to Goldie



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Hutto, D. (2006). Embodied expections and extended possibilities: reply to Goldie. In R. A. Menary (Eds.), Radical Enactivism Intentionality, Phenomenology, and Narrative: Focus on the Philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto (pp. 157-177). Amsterdam: J. Benjamins Pub. Co.

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ISBN: 9789027241511


Although he is generally sympathetic to my larger programme, goldie - like Myin, De Nul and Crane - holds that my attempt to expose the philosophical damage caused by a misguided commitment to the object-based schema fails to get to the root of problem: i.e. the real impediment to our understanding of the emotions. He says what we want is "a positive account that entails the rejection of any kind of how-it-works account" (Goldie: this volume). This is because, as he sees it, the desire to provide how-it-works accounts - and not merely those of the kind that model experience on 'objects' per se - is the true source of our tendency to misunderstand emotional experience.

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